San Diego Schutzenguilde Photos

Shown in reverse chronological order, latest event at the top.

2016 International Singleshot Regional Match

Oktoberfest at the South Bay Rod & Gun Club - 2015

Standing: Steve Adams, Barry Darr, Dan Darr, John Thiele,
Bill Polkinhorn, Russ Hooks, Bruce Kirby, Eric Keel, Bob Tyler, Bruce Jones
Middle: Jacob Darr and John Thiele's Oktoberfest Greeting Girl
Kneeling: Fred Nace, Joe Feldman, Ron Welch (with the Tom Nichols Trophy)
(NOTE: Three generations of the Darr family)

Beer, Brats & Hot Links, Russ Hooks' German Potato Salad and Cole Slaw, and a lot of BS'in.

Oktoberfest Match Results

Maverick Hotel, Raton NM, August 2015

In repose after a hard day at the range.
Left to right: John Thiele, Eric Keel, Bob Tyler, Joe Feldman, Bruce Jones, Russ Hooks. Behind the camera, Steve Adams.

Russ Hooks, Bruce Jones, Eric Keel, and Ron Welch spent the weekend of March 13-15, 2015,
at the San Diego Crossroads Gunshow, spreading the word about Schuetzen.

A good time was had by all.

2014 ISSA National Matches, NRA Whittington Center, Raton, New Mexico

The Alberta Challenge Winning Team from California
Top: Steve Adams, Bob Tyler, Bill Polkinhorn, Jim Lennon, Bruce Kirby, Dave Jones
Bottom: Annette Kirby, Fred Nace, Russ Hooks, Bruce Jones

More photos from the 2014 ISSA National Matches

January Rimfire Match, 2014

Standing: Eric Keel, Fred Nace, Dave Boyle, Ron Welsh, Russ Hooks, Bruce Jones, Harold Itchkawich, Bob Tyler.
Kneeling: Steve Adams, Joe Feldman (King Target Winner), John Thiele.
Photograph by Joanne Frazier

Oktoberfest 2013

Back Row: Dave Boyle, Bruce Jones, Eric Keel, Russ Hooks, John Thiele, Bill Polkinhorn, Ron Welsh, Rick MacHale, Robert Rez, Bob Tyler, Bruce Kirby
Front Row: Jim Lennon, Steve Adams, Joe Feldman, Klaus Schattleitner

Oktoberfest Pics

SD Schutzenguilde 2013 Annual Fall Picnic
Camp's Grove, Dulzura, CA

Steve Adams, Jack Farmer, Bob Roeder, Bob Tyler, Ron Welsh, Al Sledge, John Thiele, John McClure, Schuetzenmeister Russ Hooks, Randy Reed, Bruce Jones, Eric Keel, Joe Feldman

More Pics

2013 ISSA National Match
NRA Whittington Center, NM

The "California Contingent"

Standing L-R: Bruce Jones, Bob Tyler, Bruce Kirby, Russ Hooks, Steve Adams, Eric Keel
Kneeling L-R: Bill Polkinhon, Fred Nace, Rick McHale, Joe Feldman, John Thiele
More Pics from the Nationals

2013 ISSA Regional Schutzenfest - San Diego, CA
South Bay Rod & Gun Club Range
April 26-28

Standing L-R: Bruce Jones, Russ Hooks (Schutzenmeister), John Thiele, Bob Tyler, Steve Adams, Fred Nace, Robert Rez, Klaus Shattlertner
Kneeling L-R Bill Polkinhorn, Eric Keel, Joe Feldman

King Target Winners
Joe Feldman (.22) & Bill Polkinhorn (CF)

Russ Hooks, Schuetzenmeister, scoring targets.

2013 ISSA Regional Schutzenfest - Las Vegas, NV
Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club
January 21-23

Left to right: Bill Flint, Joe Brennan, Ron Bell, Gloria Bell, Steve Adams, John Spencer, Annette Kirby, Bruce Kirby, Chuck Lopas, Fred Nace, Wally Pinjuv, Don Russo, Keith Myers, Bill Signs
Seated: Bob Rouseau

2013 ISSA Regional Schutzenfest - Modesto, CA
Modesto Rifle Club
May 3-5

Back Row L-R: Tommy Slatten, Bruce Kirby, Annette Kirby, Vince DeMaggio, Dave Jones, Bob Birmley Doc Smalley, Tony Heitz, Bill Polkinhorn, Steve Stewart, Duane Jenner
Front Row L-R: Jan Prichard, Rich Davis, Jerry Hartwig, John Lewis, Jerry Cleave, Rick McHale, Dave Purcell

Barry Darr, legendary barrel and mold maker, and ballistics engineer.

Oktoberfest 2012

In Memoriam
Roger Winn
Aug. 19, 1950 - Oct. 16, 2012

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