Oktoberfest 2012

On October 26 - 28 we held our traditional Oktoberfest Match.

100 rounds each, centerfire offhand and bench, 50 rounds each .22RF offhand and bench.

If you've never shot at Dulzura, particularly during the Santa Anna wind conditions, you have no way to truly appreciate what the term "Iron Man" means in this context.

2012 Medalion

Russ Hooks, Schuetzenmeister, behind the counter at the scoring shack, with a couple of ne'er-do-well hangers-on

The Prizes

Scoring Sheet

The Iron Man Winners (left to right):
Joe Feldman, 2nd place
Ron Welch, 1st place
John Thiele, 3rd place

King Target Winner: Ron Welch

Barry Darr & Russ Hooks

Joe Feldman

Ron Welch

Bruce Jones

The Cook: Al Sledge

(back to front)
Left side:
Bob Tyler
Bruce Jones
Chris Jarvis
Mr. Carl
Right side:
Ron Welch (hiding)
Joe Feldman
John Thiele
Russ Hooks
Al Sledge

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