San Diego Schuetzenguilde
23 December, 2012 CF, IS
100 yards 10-ring target

Ten members of the Schuetzenguilde met on 23 December 2012, for the
annual blanket shoot: 20 shots from  centerfire rifles with iron
sights at 100 yards on the old 10-ring target from the bench, and
then 20 shots offhand at the same.  We had very nice weather with
good shooting conditions.  There were many nice prizes on the
blanket, and everyone got to pick out a couple.  Lots of fun

20 shots Benchrest
Joe Feldman 200-12x
Randy Reed 196-7x
Eric Keel 196-6x
Bruce Jones 192-4x
Jack Farmer 190-3x
John Thiele 190-2x
Ron Welch 189-1x
Fred Nace 182-4x
Russ Hooks 182-1x
Bill Polkinhorn DNF

20 shots Offhand
Russ Hooks 170-1x
Ron Welch 167
Bruce Jones 149-1x
Joe Feldman 146
Eric Keel 130
Jack Farmer 126
Randy Reed 113-1x
John Thiele 105

Match Aggregate
Ron Welch 356-1x
Russ Hooks 352-2x
Joe Feldman 346-12x 
Bruce Jones 341-5x 
Eric Keel 326-6x 
Jack Farmer 316-3x
Randy Reed 309-8x
John Thiele 295-2x

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