San Diego Schuetzenguilde
27 January 2013
.22RF, 100 yds, any sights

The threat of rain on the morning of January 27th kept many of the
Schuetzenguilde members away from the range.  The six who came
anyway were treated to some pretty nice conditions after the fog
lifted about 8:30.  Harold Itchkawitch came close to a perfect
target with his Ballard in .22RF, and John Thiele shot a very nice
offhand target of 216.  All targets for the .22RF match were set at
100 yards.

10 shots benchrest
Harold Itchkawitch 248-9
Bruce Jones 248-8
John Thiele 245-6
Bill Polkinhorn 244-6
Joe Feldman 244-5
Jim Lennon 225-2
50 shots benchrest
Harold Itchkawitch 1230-33 
Bruce Jones 1218-27
John Thiele 1207-18
Bill Polkinhorn 1206-25
Joe Feldman 1204-21
Jim Lennon 1059-4
10 shots offhand
John Thiele 216 
Joe Feldman 212-1 
Harold Itchkawitch 210   
Bill Polkinhorn 209 
Bruce Jones 189 
Jim Lennon 149
50 shots offhand
Bill Polkinhorn 1015-2   
John Thiele 975-1 
Joe Feldman 962-2  
Harold Itchkawitch 962  
Jim Lennon 656
Bruce Jones DNF
Match Aggregate
Bill Polkinhorn 2221-27    
Harold Itchkawitch 2192-33 
John Thiele 2182-19  
Joe Feldman 2166-23   
Jim Lennon 1715-4
Bruce Jones 1407-27 

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