San Diego Schuetzenguilde
24 February, 2013
CF rifles, iron sights 200 yds

The match was held on a very nice day in Dulzura.  Hard to believe it
was February!  Nine shooters competed with iron sights at 200 yards.
Mr. Russ Hooks showed the way in both the benchrest and the offhand
matches in some "not so easy" conditions.  Congratulations Russ!

20 shots benchrest
Russ Hooks 475-6
Joe Feldman 458-2 
Eric Keel 457-3 
Ron Welch 443-2
Steve Adams 437-1 
John Thiele 424-0 
Bruce Jones 397-0
Fred Nace 356-0
Bob Roeder DNF
20 shots offhand
Russ Hooks 392-1 
Steve Adams 367  
Bruce Jones 354
Ron Welch 332
John Thiele 319   
Eric Keel 310
Match Aggregate
Russ Hooks 867-7 
Steve Adams 804-1  
Ron Welch 775-2
Eric Keel 767-3
Bruce Jones 751-0
John Thiele 743-0  

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