San Diego Schuetzenguilde
26 May 2013, CF rifles
50 shots, benchrest, any sight, 200 yards

The Schuetzenguilde held its annual benchrest championship match on
26 May 2013 under sunny skies, nice weather and some tricky breezes.
Two of our toughest competitors - Russ Hooks and Steve Adams - were
called to other duties during the match and were unable to compete.
A close match ensued among those left and only two points separated the
top finishers after 50 shots for record.

Best group, 10 shots benchrest
Joe Feldman 245-6
Bob Tyler 244-5
Eric Keel 240-2
Fred Nace 239-2
Bruce Jones 236-1
Bill Polkinhorn 236-1
Jim Lennon 233-2
John Thiele 230-1*
Aggregate 50 shots benchrest
Joe Feldman 1213-22
Bob Tyler 1211-22
Eric Keel 1177-10
Bill Polkinhorn 1153-5
Bruce Jones 1129-5
Fred Nace 1118-5
John Thiele 1105-3* 
Jim Lennon 1103-4
Howard Markham DNS
Russ Hooks DNS
Steve Adams DNS
    *denotes iron sights

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