San Diego Schuetzenguilde
23 June 2013 Centerfire Rifles
.40 Caliber or Larger, Iron Sights, Fixed Ammunition

The Schuetzenguilde met on 23 June for our annual .40 cal & up
match.  This big bore match is for iron sighted rifles with fixed
ammunition and is shot at 200 and 300 yards.  It's quite a

It was nice to have a new (to us) shooter at the match.
Welcome to John Eiserling, who acquitted himself very well!  

The Colonel Stodter Trophy for 200 yard aggregate this year 
goes to Joe Feldman.  
20 shots BR at 200 yards
Joe Feldman 447-1
Randy Reed 437-2
John Eiserling 435-1
Eric Keel 419-0
Russ Hooks DNF
John Thiele 441-1 (.32 cal)
20 shots OH at 200 yards
Joe Feldman 352-1
John Thiele 345-0
Best ten of thirteen shots
BR at 300 yards
Joe Feldman 98-1
John Eiserling 87-0
Eric Keel 84-1

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