San Diego Schuetzenguilde
22 September, 2013
CF rifles, iron sights, 200 yards

The Schuetzenguilde met on September 23rd, with 15 members to shoot BR and OH at 200 yds with iron sights and centerfire rifles. The weather was very pleasant, cool and partly cloudy with good shooting conditions.

The Tom Nichols trophy for the best 10 shot offhand target was won by Joe Feldman with a score of 216-0.

We also held a Gong Shoot, which was finally won by Al Sledge over Steve Adams after 5 rounds.

Following the match was a pot-luck picnic at Camp's Grove, which was enjoyed by all. Good food and great company with some nice and varied "show and tell" pieces.

20 shots bench rest
Russ Hooks 478-6   
Joe Feldman 476-4     
Al Sledge 470-2
Steve Adams 469-3
Eric Keel 468-3
Randy Reed 467-3
John Thiele 465-5
Ron Welsh 463-4
Bob Tyler 461-1  
Howard Markham 451-2
Bruce Jones 444-1
Bob Roeder 421-2
Jack Farmer DNF
Fred Nace DNF
John McClure DNS
20 shots offhand
Al Sledge 405-0   
Russ Hooks 402-0    
Ron Welsh 390-2
Eric Keel 376-1
Joe Feldman 372-0       
Steve Adams 345-1 
John Thiele 326-0 
Bruce Jones 284-0
Match Aggregate
Russ Hooks 880-6     
Al Sledge 875-2    
Ron Welsh 853-6 
Joe Feldman 848-4        
Eric Keel 844-4 
Steve Adams 814-4    
John Thiele 801-5  
Bruce Jones 728-1
Gong Shoot
Al Sledge (5 hits)
Steve Adams (4 hits)
Tom Nichols Trophy
(best 10-shot OH target)
Joe Feldman 216-0

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