San Diego Schuetzenguilde
German Gun Match
Centerfire, Iron Sights, 100yd, 10-ring target

The Schuetzenguilde met with 11 shooters for the Christmas "Blanket Shoot" on the 22nd of December, 2013.
Many of the members bring out their old German single shots for this match, using iron sights and firing on the 10-ring target at 100 yards.
Randy Reed showed the way in the bench rest match, with Steve Adams posting top score in the offhand match. Congratulations to both!

20 shot bench rest
Randy Reed 198-6X
Jack Farmer 192-12X
Eric Keel 191-4X
Ron Welch 190-6X
Bruce Jones 189-5X
Russ Hooks 189-3X
Steve Adams 184-9X
Joe Feldman 182-2X
Fred Nace 179-2X
Jim Lennon 165
John Thiele 164
20 shot offhand
Steve Adams 169-2X
Russ Hooks 158
Ron Welch 155-2X
John Thiele 150
Eric Keel 147
Jack Farmer 139
Joe Feldman 134
Bruce Jones 130
Jim Lennon 126
Match Aggregate
Steve Adams 353-11X
Russ Hooks 347-3X
Ron Welch 345-8X
Eric Keel 338-4X
Jack Farmer 331-12X
Bruce Jones 319-5X
Joe Feldman 316-2X
John Thiele 314
Jim Lennon 291
Randy Reed 198-6X
Fred Nace 179-2

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