San Diego Schuetzenguilde

26 January, 2014
.22RF, any sight, 100 yards

Standing: Eric Keel, Fred Nace, Dave Boyle, Ron Welsh, Russ Hooks, Bruce Jones, Harold Itchkawich, Bob Tyler.
Kneeling: Steve Adams, Joe Feldman (King Target Winner), John Thiele.
Photograph by Joanne Frazier
The Schuetzenguilde held its first match of 2014 at the smallbore range in order to free up the main range for general shooting. It was our first time on this range and everything went pretty smoothly. We shot .22RF only at 100 yards, so didn't need the longer distance of the main range for this match. We had some very tough competition in the bench rest match, with Bob Tyler firing a perfect 250-10 on one target. He dropped only 13 points out of a possible 1250 over the 50 shot course! Good shooting, Bob! In the offhand portion of the match, Ron Welch pretty much blew away the competition with a high target of 229-2 and a total score of 1097-4! Way to go Ron!
10 shots bench rest
Bob Tyler 250-10
John Thiele 249-9
Ron Welch 248-8
Steve Adams 248-8
Eric Keel 248-8
Russ Hooks 248-8
Harold Itchkawich 247-7
Fred Nace 245-6
Joe Feldman 245-6
Dave Boyle 242-5
Joanne Frazier 242-4
Bruce Jones 237-3
Howard Markham 234-3
50 shots bench rest
Bob Tyler 1237-38
Ron Welch 1234-37
Steve Adams 1231-29
Russ Hooks 1230-32
Harold Itchkawich 1227-31
Eric Keel 1224-27
Fred Nace 1212-25
John Thiele 1210-15
Joe Feldman 1202-19
Dave Boyle 1202-16
Bruce Jones 1176-11
Joanne Frazier 1167-14
Howard Markham 1103-14
Equipment List: Action / Barrel / Ammo
Tyler: Ballard/Dionne/Fed UM22
Welch: CPA/Douglas/Old Eley MR
Adams: Cody Ballard/Badger/Wolf ME
Hooks: Cody Ballard/Douglas/Fed UM22
Itchkawich: Ruger#1/Shilen/Fed GMUM
10 shots offhand
Ron Welch 229-2
Steve Adams 212-1
Russ Hooks 211-2
Harold Itchkawich 207-1
Joe Feldman 207
Dave Boyle 193
Joanne Frazier 191-1
John Thiele 183
Bruce Jones 169-1*
50 shots offhand
Ron Welch 1097-4
Russ Hooks 1037-4
Steve Adams 1027-4
Joe Feldman 966-1
Harold Itchkawich 920-1
Dave Boyle 827
John Thiele 820
Joanne Frazier 803-1
Bruce Jones 785-2*
Match Aggregate
Ron Welch 2331-41
Russ Hooks 2267-36
Steve Adams 2258-33
Joe Feldman 2168-20
Harold Itchkawich 2147-32
John Thiele 2030-15
Dave Boyle 2029-16
Joanne Frazier 1970-15
Bruce Jones 1961-13
* = Iron Sights

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