San Diego Schuetzenguilde

Club Benchrest Trophy Match
25 May, 2014
Centerfire, Any Sight, 50 shots @ 200 yards

10 shooters turned out for the club Benchrest Championship on a sunny May 25th.
The weather was good with some sneaky winds to keep things interesting.
Scores were very close and competition was keen.
Match winner and keeper of the Benchrest Trophy for the next year is Mr. Bill Polkinhorn.
Congratulations Bill!

Best 10 shot target
Steve Adams 244-5
Joe Feldman 244-4
Bill Polkinhorn 243-5
Fred Nace 242-6
Eric Keel 242-4
Ron Welch 242-4
Russ Hooks 240-3
Bruce Jones 240-3
John Thiele 232-1
Bob Roeder DNF
50 shot aggregate
Bill Polkinhorn 1204-20
Joe Feldman 1204-18
Steve Adams 1201-15
Eric Keel 1196-10
Bruce Jones 1173-11
Russ Hooks 1168-6
Ron Welch 1163-14
John Thiele 1156-2
Fred Nace 1122-11
Bob Roeder DNF

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