San Diego Schuetzenguilde

Any sight, .22 RF The Schuetzenguilde's July .22RF match was held on the 27th on the 100 meter range to free up the main range for open shooting. Quite a number of our regular shooters were absent due to summer vacations, but mostly because they were busy competing in the International Shuetzenfest in Raton, New Mexico. Standing in for the Schuetzenmeister was Mr. Robert Rez, as Match Director. Thank you Robert and good job! It was nice to see that two new (to us) shooters came out to compete - Mr. Jeff Maynard and Mr. Rob Dishong - and did very well! Hope to see you two again!

10 shots bench rest
Harold Itchkawitch 246-7
Jeff Maynard 244-5
Randy Reed 241-3
Rob Dishong 238-3

50 shots bench rest
Harold Itchkawitch 1221-26
Jeff Maynard 1207-19
Rob Dishong 1171-12
Randy Reed 1171-9

10 shots offhand
Rob Dishong 192-0
Jeff Maynard 188-1
Randy Reed 182-1
Harold Itchkawitch 172-0

50 shots offhand
Rob Dishong 910-1
Jeff Maynard 877-1
Harold Itchkawitch 813-2
Randy Reed 778-1

Match Aggregate
Jeff Maynard 2084-20
Rob Dishong 2081-13
Harold Itchkawitch 2034-28
Randy Reed 1949-10

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