San Diego Schuetzenguilde
Centerfire, Iron Sights, 100 yards.
Best 5 shot group, and high score for 20 shots offhand.
24 August, 2014

The Schuetzenguilde had 12 shooters competing in August shooting for small groups, and an offhand match. There were five shooters with 5 shot benchrest groups under one inch.

Steve Adams posted a fine 391-1 single target in the offhand match to take the Harold Nichols Trophy.

Best of 5 - 5 shot groups
Russ Hooks .732
Randy Reed .892
Steve Adams .952
Jim Lennon .987
Joe Feldman 1.297
Bruce Jones 1.451
Bill Polkinhorn 1.495
Jeff Maynard * .620
Eric Keel DNS
Fred Nace DNS
Ron Welch DNS
Al Sledge DNS

Best 20 shots offhand
for Harold Nichols Trophy
Steve Adams 391-1
Bill Polkinhorn 378-0
Joe Feldman 349-0
Bruce Jones 348-0
Jim Lennon 335-0
Jeff Maynard * 378-0
* Shot .22 RF rifle.

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