San Diego Schuetzenguilde
German Rifle Match
100 yards, 10-ring target

28 December, 2014 CF, IS

The Schuetzenguilde met with 11 shooters for the Christmas "Blanket Shoot" on the 28th of December, 2014. We had a good, safe and enjoyable match, with many nice prizes to choose from at the conclusion.
20 shots Benchrest
Al Sledge 200-12x
Robert Rez 199-13x
Ron Welch 197-10x
Steve Adams 196-6x
John Thiele 195-3x
Randy Reed 193-7x
Russ Hooks 191-4x
Fred Nace 187-5x
Eric Keel 187-4x
Joe Feldman 186-5x
Bruce Jones 186-1x
20 shots Offhand
Bruce Jones 176-2x
Ron Welch 170-3x
Al Sledge 167-0x
Russ Hooks 160-0x
Steve Adams 159-1x
John Thiele 152-1x
Robert Rez 146-2x
Joe Feldman 132-0x
Randy Reed 110-1x
Match Aggregate
Ron Welch 367-13x
Al Sledge 367-12x
Bruce Jones 362-3
Steve Adams 355-7x
Russ Hooks 351-4x
John Thiele 347-3x
Robert Rez 345-15x
Joe Feldman 318-5x
Randy Reed 303-8x
Fred Nace 187-5x
Eric Keel 187-4x

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