San Diego Schuetzenguilde

CF, Iron Sights, 100 yards
23 August, 2015
The Schuetzenguilde shot for small groups and the Harold Nichols Trophy on 23 August, 2015. We had 9 competitors on a clear and warm day with light winds. Best 5-shot group was posted by Mr. Steve Adams, just over half an inch — this with iron sights at 100 yards. The trophy, for the next year, also goes to Mr. Steve Adams, shooting a fine 386 for 20 shots offhand. Congratulations Steve!
Best 5 shot group

Steve Adams .539
Joe Feldman .714
Russ Hooks .775
Bob Tyler .836
Ron Welsh .879
Bruce Jones .899
Bill Polkinhorn .974
Eric Keel 1.003
John Thiele 1.144

20 shots offhand

Steve Adams 386-0
Ron Welch 385-0
Russ Hooks 383-0
Joe Feldman 379-0
Bill Polkinhorn 378-1
John Thiele 349-1
Bob Tyler 339-1
Eric Keel 331-0
Bruce Jones 328-0

Harold Nichols Trophy
Best 20 shots offhand

Steve Adams 386-0

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