San Diego Schuetzenguilde

September 27, 2015
Centerfire, Iron Sights, 200 yards

The Schuetzenguilde held it’s monthly match on 9/27/15 with 11 shooters on a hot Dulzura day with light breezes. Winner of the Tom Nichols Trophy for best 10-shot offhand target was Mr. Ron Welch, with a fine score of 202 and 1 center. Congratulations Ron!

Our annual pot luck picnic after the match at Camp’s Grove was attended by a few more of our members and was very enjoyable as well, with good food and good company!

A photo of the attendees at the San Diego Schuetzenguilde at Camps Grove

20 shots Benchrest
Iron Sights

Al Sledge 486-8
Ron Welch 473-4
Bill Polkinhorn 473-3
Steve Adams 471-3
Eric Keel 469-3
Bruce Jones 466-0
John Thiele 452-2
Randy Reed 431-1
20 shots Benchrest

Joe Feldman 494-14
Russ Hooks 482-7
20 shots Offhand
Iron Sights

Al Sledge 383-0
Ron Welch 377-1
Bill Polkinhorn 369-0
Steve Adams 362-1
John Thiele 359-1
Eric Keel 359-0
Bruce Jones 342-0
20 shots Offhand

Russ Hooks 392-3
Joe Feldman 344-0
Match Aggregate
Russ Hooks 874-10*
Al Sledge 869-8
Ron Welch 850-5
Bill Polkinhorn 842-3
Joe Feldman 838-14*
Steve Adams 833-4
Eric Keel 828-3
John Thiele 811-3
Bruce Jones 808-0

* denotes scope

Tom Nichols Trophy
Best 10 shot offhand target
Ron Welch 202-1

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