San Diego Schuetzenguilde

March 24th & 25th, 2016

Centerfire, Any Sight, 200 yards - bench and offhand

  Nine members of the Schuetzenguilde came out for the March match to shoot centerfire rifles with any sights at 200 yards. Due to Easter Sunday, we shot our match on the preceding Thursday and Friday with open shooting. We had nice weather and good conditions over the two days. There was good close competition with Steve Adams taking the match aggregate Congratulations Steve!  
20 shots BR
Russ Hooks 490-11
Joe Feldman 490-10
Bruce Jones 485-10
Steve Adams 483-7
Ron Welsh 478-9
Fred Nace 464-3
Jim Lennon 456-2
Randy Reed 407-2
20 shots Offhand
Steve Adams 400-2
Joe Feldman 392-2
Russ Hooks 387-1
Ron Welsh 384-0
Jim Lennon 353-0
Match Aggregate
Steve Adams 883-9
Joe Feldman 882-12
Russ Hooks 877-12
Ron Welsh 862-9
Jim Lennon 809-2

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