San Diego Schuetzenguilde

28 August 2016 100 yards
CF rifles and iron sights

We had 10 shooters for the Schuetzenguilde 100 yard match in August. We shot with iron sights for the smallest 5 shot group and then fired a 20 shot 100 yard match, offhand. It was another beautiful day with good shooting conditions and we had a safe and fun match.

5 shots benchrest
for group

Steve Adams .719
Al Sledge .725
Russ Hooks .819
Bill Polkinhorn 1.029
Joe Feldman 1.034
Eric Keel 1.043
Jim Lennon 1.116
Bob Tyler 1.249
John Thiele 1.319
Fred Nace 1.764
20 shots offhand for
Harold Nichols Trophy

Steve Adams 370-2
Al Sledge 361-0
Joe Feldman 346-0
Bill Polkinhorn 344-0
John Thiele 343-1
Eric Keel 331-0
Jim Lennon 304-0
Russ Hooks 184/DNF

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