San Diego Schuetzenguilde

September 25, 2016
Centerfire, Any Sight, 200 Yards
  The Schuetzenguilde met on September 25th, with 13 members to shoot benchrest and off-hand at 200 yds with any sights and centerfire rifles.

The weather was hot and breezy with winds switching from left to right and then back again - some very challenging conditions! The Tom Nichols trophy for the best 10 shot offhand target was won by Al Sledge with a great score of 223-1.

Following the match was a pot-luck picnic at Camp's Grove, which was enjoyed by all. Good food and great company with some nice and varied "show and tell" pieces. Lots of fun!


20 shots Benchrest
Russ Hooks 486-10
Al Sledge 486-9
Bob Tyler 483-7
Randy Reed 480-8
Bill Polkinhorn 474-5
Steve Adams 468-4
Bruce Jones 464-2
Dave Darr 464-1
Eric Keel 462-4
Joe Feldman 460-3
Jim Lennon 431-2
John Thiele 425-2
Fred Nace 420-3
20 shots Offhand
Al Sledge 413-1
Russ Hooks 387-0
Bill Polkinhorn 376-0
Steve Adams 370-0
Bruce Jones 355-0
Jim Lennon 351-0
John Thiele 344-1
Eric Keel 330-0
Joe Feldman 304-0
Match Aggregate
Al Sledge 899-10
Russ Hooks 867-10
Bill Polkinhorn 850-5
Steve Adams 838-4
Bruce Jones 819-2
Eric Keel 792-4
Jim Lennon 782-2
John Thiele 769-3
Joe Feldman 764-3
Tom Nichols Trophy
Best 10 shot offhand score
Al Sledge 223-1

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