Schuetzen Match for January 2017

San Diego Schuetzenguilde

29 January, 2017

.22RF, AS, 100 yards

Setting a new record for the San Diego Schuetzenguilde, the match for January was rained out, just like November and December.

Eight of us showed up for an informal match on Sunday, January 29th. Scores as follows:
10 shots Benchrest
Dominic Erlbeck 249-9
Randy Reed 246-8
Eric Keel 246-7
Joe Feldman 246-6
Fred Nace 241-5
Ron Welch 241-4
Bruce Jones 236-4*
Rick Calvin no score
50 shots Benchrest
Dominic Erlbeck 1221-29
Eric Keel 1219-24
Randy Reed 1213-24
Joe Feldman 1205-25
Ron Welch 1195-16
Bruce Jones 1169-13
Fred Nace 1162-16
Rick Calvin 1126-2
10 shots Offhand
Ron Welch 208-1
Joe Feldman 198-1
Bruce Jones 187-0*
* used iron sights
50 shots Offhand
Ron Welch 963-1
Joe Feldman 925-2
Bruce Jones 875-0*
* used iron sights
Match Aggregate
Ron Welch 2158-17
Joe Feldman 2130-27
Bruce Jones 2044-13*
Equipment List
Dominic Erlbeck: BSA Mark I/Eric Johnson/Eley Match
Eric Keel: Ballard/Eric Johnson/Fed UM1
Randy Reed: BSA 12/15/Fed UM22
Joe Feldman: Ballard/UNK/Fed UM22
Ron Welch: CPA/Douglas/Wolf ME
Bruce Jones: Stevens 44.5/TJ liner/Wolf ME
Fred Nace: BSA Mark2/ Wolf ME
Rick Calvin: Win LoWall/RWS Prime

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