San Diego Schuetzenguilde

24 December, 2017
Centerfire, Iron Sights
10-ring target at 100 yards

Ten members of the Schuetzenguilde met on 24 December 2017, for the annual blanket shoot: 20 shots from centerfire rifles with iron sights at 100 yards on the old 10-ring target from the bench, and then 20 shots offhand at the same. We had brisk morning weather with light winds and it warmed up nicely later on. There were many nice prizes on the blanket, and everyone got to pick out a couple.

20 shots Benchrest
Ron Welch 197-8x*
Steve Adams 197-6x
Russ Hooks 193-6x
Robert Rez 193-4x
Eric Keel 190-4x
Dominic Erlbeck 184-4x
John Thiele 182-1x
Joe Feldman 177-0x
Bob Tyler DNF
20 shots Offhand
Ron Welch 176-0x*
Bob Tyler 158-0x*
Steve Adams 155-1x
Dominic Erlbeck 148-1x
Russ Hooks 147-0x
Joe Feldman 136-1x
John Thiele 124-2x
Eric Keel 121-0x
Robert Rez 103-0x
Match Aggregate
Ron Welch 373-8x*
Steve Adams 352-7x
Russ Hooks 340-6x
Dominic Erlbeck 332-5x
Joe Feldman 313-1x
Eric Keel 311-4x
John Thiele 306-3x
Robert Rez 296-4
Bob Tyler 158-0x*

* denotes scope

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